Private Training

One-on-one Private Training

Work on your weaknesses. Learn new skills. Get individual attention. Have Accountability. See Results!

CrossFit West Hills offers Private Training in one-on-one personal training or group training sessions. These sessions are ideal for all levels, and are tailored to address your personal needs and fitness goals.

Learning the Fundamentals

Learning the Fundamentals

  • Learn proper movement and technique
  • Gain strength
  • Improve endurance
  • Become more efficient
  • Expand your skill set
  • Improve mobility/Flexibility
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reduce Body Fat/Increase Lean Muscle


Functional Movement Screen

CrossFit West Hills offers a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as part of our personal training program.  FMS was developed by Gray Cook and Lee Burton to screen athletes for mobility, motor control and/or stability issues. The following organizations are currently using the screen to help assess professional athletes’ risk for injury: NFL, PGA, NBA, NCAA, & MLB.

The goal of the screen is decrease risk of injury by identifying limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to quality functional movement. The results of the test will then help to develop an individualized corrective exercise program for you to help you address any limitations, weaknesses, or imbalances.

Functional Movement Screen“We agree that identifying faulty movement patterns is part of the coach’s job.” The Functional Movement Screen plays an important role in helping the coaches do just that.

Why should you, as a CrossFit athlete, get screened?

New athletes:

The best time to get screened is during an orientation or before your first Fundamentals class in order to identify the dysfunctional movement pattern early! As you begin CrossFit, whether you are a novice athlete, elite, or somewhere in between, it’s important to start off fresh and learn about how your body moves especially when starting a sport like CrossFit, which tests your body to the extremes of flexibility and strength. The FMS will help you learn about your body and organize what you need to do to make sure that your transition into CrossFit is safer and smoother.

Experienced athletes:

It’s just as important for long-time CrossFitters to get screened. You may have been training with dysfunction due to previous injuries or imbalances. Continuing to train this way will only reinforce the dysfunction and create problems for you down the road. So you can squat 345lbs….but are you doing it in the most efficient way? Are you stressing your knees/back because you have poor form? Can you maybe lift MORE weight if you correct your dysfunctions? Or get better times?? I think so.

How does it work?

The screen takes 30 minutes, including the testing and exercise recommendations. It’s preferred that you do not workout before your screen so that the test results reflect your true functional abilities. We will then e-mail you your recommendations, along with instructional videos. After you have spent some time working on your recommendations you can sign-up for your follow-up screen so that we can re-test you and progress your exercise recommendations as needed. The follow-up times can range from 1 month- 2 months depending on how diligent you are and how much work you need.

Private training rates vary depending on programming and frequency. Call or email and we can set up a package that works for your needs.

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